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Non IT to IT Transformation

IT Professional Courses
IT Professional Courses

Unlock the power of Non-IT to IT Training

Switching to a career in IT is within your reach, even if it may seem daunting. Anyone who desires an IT job can find one that suits their unique skills, talents, and interests. IT Training is an exact match up to the Information Technology industry or the skills necessary for performing information technology jobs. IT training includes courses on the cloud, development, implementation, support, or management of computer-based information systems.

Testleaf IT training courses help promote career advancement by equipping you with the vital skills you need to succeed in your chosen field. Training with Testleaf, a brand-approved, top training institute, assures with most valuable training. In addition, however, we offer easygoing training formats to empower your skills.

IT Professional Courses

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Learn Non-IT to IT training course along with live projects with 100% career guidance. We designed our course to help you become an expert.

29 June 2024



Non-IT to IT Training Features

With complete End-to-end project experience, anyone can transform their career from Non-IT to IT.

Highly skilled and professionally experienced trainers will create a significant impact on learning.

We can provide interview support to knock out the mock interview session and place it in a well-versed organization.

Tech support systems will be highly intense.

Building networks is one of the foremost vital factors from Testleaf, which helps to navigate your learning with many other field specialists.

Earning a certification gives you a specific competitive advantage, which helps increase your earning potential.

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IT Professional Courses

How important is Non-IT to IT Training?

Moving from Non-IT skilled jobs to Software jobs is an arduous task any day. To do that, you must skill yourself in the most demanding and relatively straightforward IT skills to start. We recommend you learn with real-time projects and get complete hands-on in manual testing and test automation over three months from professionals. In sum, this training will be your gateway to the IT world.

For any industry, talent is the primary factor rather than education qualification. Pursuing a career in the IT sector with various in-demand roles. And they are not limited to full-stack developers, data scientists, or ML engineers. The scope of getting settled with any single skill isn’t possible in IT as this field will always keep updating.

IT Professional Courses

Short Bio about Non-IT to IT Trainers:

Babu Manickam

Selenium Early Adopter

A real-time professional with solid experience in software testing and development, specialized in building extensive test automation services in high-performance platforms supporting thousands of tests daily.

  • 22 Years of Experience

Hari Radhakrishnan

VP Projects

A Selenium Web driver expert with 2 decades of industry exposure. An experienced online instructor at Testleaf who has successfully worked on over 10+ automation testing projects.

  • 17 Years of Experience

Best way to learn Non-IT to IT Training

Working in IT can mean anything from resolving an employee’s issues to programming an organization’s new cloud infrastructure. Because the work is so diverse, the skills you need to know to get a job in IT can vary widely depending on your role. So focus on acquiring the skills learned which might be interesting in practice.

There is networking, programming, and database management to break down IT. Due to the evolving nature of technology, IT training content keeps on constantly updating and adapting to reflect the current market. IT courses reside in various curriculum areas, including cloud computing, development, testing, and many more.

Launching Date: 29 June 2024 Enroll Now

Weekly Training Programs:

  • Fundamentals on how software companies work, how software projects are awarded and executed
  • Day to day responsibilities of fresh software test engineer at work
  • Identify the communication challenges and help the learners to improve business communications using tools, processes and templates.
  • Agile Introduction
  • Scrum Framework
  • Teams
  • Scrum Ceremonies
  • Refinements
  • Introduction to Quality Assurance
  • Software Testing Life cycle
  • Testing Levels
  • Testing Types
  • Defect Life cycle
  • Live Project walk-through
  • Program Curriculum
  • Test Strategy
  • Test Plan
  • Test Scenario
  • Test Case
  • Test Data
  • Hands-on Assignments
  • Flow (Positive, Negative, Alternative)
  • Integration (Component, Mock)
  • Type (Functional, Non-Functional, User Interface Accessibility, Usability)
  • Exploratory / Edge cases(Positive, Negative)
  • Boundary Value Analysis
  • Equivalent Partition
  • Decision Table
  • State Transition Technique
  • Test execution based on test cases / data
  • Smoke, Sanity, Regression
  • JRA updates on stories / test
  • Defect logging, reporting and metrics
  • Java Introduction
  • Primitive Types
  • Operators, Control flow
  • Class, Method, Object
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Reserved Keywords
  • Arrays and String
  • Exception Handling
  • Collection - List, Set, Map
  • Automation Basics
  • Why, What, When
  • UI Automation - Tools
  • Automation Benefits and Challenges
  • WebDriver Architecture
  • Browser Native Drivers
  • Setup Maven Project for Selenium
  • Launch Browser - Chrome, Firefox
  • Locate Element(s) using Selectors
  • Write First Selenium Script in Salesforce
  • Debug Scripts for Failures

  • WebDriver - Deep Dive
  • Find Multiple Elements
  • Interact with Web Element(s) and Select
  • WebTable and Calendars
  • Mouse and Keyboard Actions
  • Alert, Frame, Window Handles
  • Write 20+ automated scripts and execute
  • Push Source code to Git Repo
  • Get expert advice on your resume writing
  • Fine-tune your linked-in profile
  • Get ready to succeed at job interviews

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It covers the skills and abilities needed to operate in the industry, validating that candidates have the required technical experience to deploy, secure, and automate the solution environment.
IT courses cover most business processes regarding computer information systems, including design and development, implementation, technical support and maintenance, and management.
This course includes a software testing fundamental + advanced training syllabus to make you interview and job-ready to take on any on-job testing responsibilities.
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