Selenium Training in Chennai Selenium Training in Chennai Selenium Training in Chennai Selenium Training in Chennai Selenium Training in Chennai

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Selenium WebDriver Training

Selenium Training in Chennai
Selenium Training in Chennai

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Selenium has been one of the most effective testing tools for many reasons. It automates browsers to click buttons, fill out forms, or follow links within your site. In addition, these tools can test your web app with different browsers without switching between them. It can even replay a recorded session if something goes wrong.

Selenium WebDriver is an incredible tool for automated functional testing for web applications. Nowadays, more people are willing to use Selenium due to its cross-platform compatibility, feature richness, open-source nature, etc. However, only some of them even prefer it for integration testing and Jenkins.

Selenium Training in Chennai

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20 July 2024



Selenium Training Features

Selenium is an open-source web testing framework that can be considered the leading cloud platform for the easy-to-use interface.

Selenium supports various websites, systems, and programming languages like Programming language - Java, c#, python, javascript, etc., Operating systems - Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, etc., Browsers - Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.,

The amount of time gets reduced easily with the help of Selenium, and it also increases test execution efficiency.

Compared to other automation tools, the requirement of resources for executing the test is low in number.

Terms for selenium commands will categorize into different classes, which helps understand and implement them.

Selenium web driver does not demand server installation; test scripts interact directly with the browser.

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Selenium Training in Chennai

How important is Selenium Training?

Selenium is easy to integrate with other tools; it has no particular browser demands, available for frameworks, and is effectively accessible to templates. Most of the tools used in DevOps are valuable and open source. When the tools combine with Selenium, it can quickly execute automation.

As we all know, Selenium is open-source Software that is readily available and can modify without any trouble. Hence, it takes a lot of time for the programmers as they can find the errors in the developed program without performing accurate coding. It authorizes the programmer to develop an automation framework using various languages to implement webdriver features. It is a high elasticity tool that will enable individuals to adjust the functionalities per the project's requirements. Many plugins and extensions are available for the framework, providing the necessary assistance.

Selenium's user experience is vastly better due to its capacity to support numerous environments such as visual code and eclipse. Frameworks also are easily integrated with others. In addition, any individual with valuable selenium training can quickly become a software tester, as it does not need any previous knowledge of programming or scripting.

Short Bio about Selenium Trainers:

Selenium Training in Chennai

Babu Manickam

Selenium Early Adopter

A real-time professional with solid experience in software testing and development, specialized in building extensive test automation services in high-performance platforms supporting thousands of tests daily.

  • Selenium Expert/ Trainer
  • 22 Years of Experience
Selenium Training in Chennai

Hari Radhakrishnan

VP - Projects

A Selenium Web driver expert with 2 decades of industry exposure. An experienced online instructor at Testleaf who has successfully worked on over 10+ automation testing projects.

  • Selenium Web Driver Expert
  • 17 Years of Experience

Best way to learn Selenium

Selenium is the most popular test automation tool used by many software testers and is essential in the test automation world. Learning Java or any other language binding basics, such as selenium IDE or selenium web driver, is crucial to support gaining information on automation testing. It helps to quickly grasp automation testing by leveraging various online channels and other modes to gain expertise in selenium testing.

Selenium is easy to learn and master for a basic understanding of major programming languages such as Java, C#, Python, Perl, Ruby, and PHP. Having earlier knowledge of these programming languages is convenient for writing test cases. In addition, Selenium IDE is a GUI-based tool that you can use effectively.

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Weekly Training Programs:

  • Understanding of Java - JDK, JRE, JVM
  • Setting up your coding environment
  • Start with your class, object and methods
  • Working with Conditional and loop statements
  • Build code for every OOPS concepts
  • Introduction to Test Automation
  • Why, What and how test automation
  • Tools and Techniques for UI & API automation
  • What tests for best to automate & how
  • And more...
  • Introduction to Core Java
  • The Absolute Fundamentals
  • Variables and Access Modifiers
  • Debugging the code failures
  • And more...
  • Understanding the Selenium Architecture
  • Setting up your Selenium environment
  • Understanding the Locators (Old and New)
  • XPath Patterns - Relative and Axes
  • Working with Webdriver Scripts
  • Introduction to Java Collections
  • Detailed Learning of List, Set and Map
  • Problem Solving of Java Collections
  • Detailed Learning of OOPS concepts
  • And more...
  • Learn Target Locators - Alert, Frame
  • Implement Window Switches with handles
  • Deep Learn Keyboard and Mouse Actions methods
  • Implement WebTable, Calendar and Multiple Elements
  • Take Snapshots for browser and elements
  • And more...
  • Get started with TestNg
  • TestNg Annotations - @Before and @After
  • TestNg - Most Essential Attributes
  • Parameterization : @Parameters and @DataProvider
  • Read data from excel using Apache POI
  • And more...
  • Introduction to BDD
  • Writing the Feature files
  • Building the runner files - @Junit and @TestNg
  • Learn and Implement Hooks
  • And more...
  • Fundamentals of Test Automation Frameworks
  • Page Object Model : The Design Pattern
  • Build the pages and methods
  • Integrate with test runner
  • And more...
  • Understanding test reporting
  • Integrate with Extent Reporters
  • Build Hybrid with Cucumber and TestNg
  • Final integration with Page Object Model
  • And more...
  • Get expert advice on your resume writing
  • Fine-tune your linked-in profile
  • Get ready to succeed at job interviews

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Yes, it is highly useful. Selenium Webdriver training is useful for testers and developers who have to automate the task of visiting a URL and collecting data. It is a skill that can help you to get a software testing job.
Yes, it is a very lucrative career. But, at the same time, it is not easy to get into. To become a tester, you need to be good at programming. But if you are already a programmer, it will be easier for you to get into testing. As a tester, you get to work on different technologies. Also, testing requires a lot of creativity.
Automation testing in Java uses programming languages such as Java to execute test cases. This is significantly faster than executing test cases manually. Automated testing can be performed on desktop, mobile, and web applications. • It is easy to create and maintain automated test cases.
Yes, it is. If you are an upcoming IT graduate interested in software testing, you can start with a testing certification course. It will provide you with in-depth knowledge of the world of software testing.
Yes, they are effective. Online automation-testing courses are well-planned. These courses are perfect if you want to learn software testing's latest techniques and strategies. Even if you want to learn a specific style, these courses will always help you get the best material and teacher.
Testleaf offers the best Selenium training in Chennai with Placements. Learn Manual Testing and automation courses from QA experts.
Selenium Training in Chennai at Testleaf aims to provide learners with the knowledge and skills needed to become proficient in Selenium automation testing.
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