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AWS Certification Course AWS Training Course Certification Online

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2000+ Students Trained In AWS Since 2016!

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08 Weeks

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03 Hours

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50 Hours

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Mentor Spotlight
Mohan Balakrishnan

Cloud Consultant

Mohan, with 10+ years of experience in cloud technologies and has strong experience in AWS and Azure. He has been coaching AWS for developers, QA, DBA and freshers for quite long now.
Capstone Projects
By the time you complete from our AWS Live training, you will get hands-on experience on multiple real projects to impress top tech recruiters with and land the job you want. Here’s a peek at some of the projects:
  • Deploy a Multi-Tier Site

    Enable fast scaling of a website by using AWS while ensuring low or zero upfront cost. This multi-tier website deploying project also requires the learners to successfully launch an EC2 instance to develop and deploy applications.

  • EC2 Ops with EBS

    Replicate EC2 instances to varied regions depending on the availability. The main strategy is to extend the size of EBS volumes without losing the data, ensuring to scale and mount them to different EC2 instances one at a time.

  • Autoscaling Capacity

    The project involves autoscaling and load balancing among multiple EC2 instances within AWS based on varied or defined metrics for autoscaling instances. The project also deals with routing custom domains to AWS resources.

  • Create custom VPCs

    In the project, the learners will create a custom VPC in AWS with the help of subnets having both private as well as public access. The route tables are also configured to subnets by using internet and NAT gateway.

  • CloudFormation for Infra

    This project involves the learners provisioning and deploying AWS resources by using AWS CloudFormation. In the process, the learners also have to define the rules for deletion, by using IaC, and minimize the deployment time.

  • Administer user access

    In this project, the learners will create users in Identity Access Management for defining granular access that differs with each and every user. The learners will also define custom policies that add users to the groups.

Coach Spotlight
Babu Manickam

Cloud Early Adopter

Babu is an expert software architect with 22 years of industry exposure. Cloud enthusiast and he is actively invovled in the research and development of high end automation of cloud applications.
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Career Consultant

Vani is an expert career consultant with 10 years of industry exposure. She is actively invovled in assisting learners like you about your skill-set, challenges and opportunities. She is well connected with recruiters, HR, Engineering managers to help you to reach career change.

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AWS program don't requires coding background unless like a developer.
TestLeaf is pioneer in AWS Training and we coached more than 20000+ AWS learners across 32 countries with leading coaches and mentors from corporate. We as well assisted beginners to become expert in less than 2 months.
Absolutely, that is one of our secret sauce. We at TestLeaf, have assisted 95% of the learners with job support platform with start-ups to service companies. Reach to us if you need more details.
Yes, you will get personalized attention during classroom coding session and you can reach through whatsapp as well.
You can always reschedule your session at any point of time and you will receive recording of each session for reference.

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