AWS Certifiation Course AWS Certifiation Course AWS Certifiation Course AWS Certifiation Course AWS Certifiation Course

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Amazon Web Services

AWS Certifiation Course
AWS Certifiation Course

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AWS provides the development platform and a network of global partners to rapidly develop and deploy innovative new applications for you. As a result, spend less time building your IT infrastructure and more time using it to deliver exceptional experiences. AWS is one of the most flexible and secure cloud computing environments today. AWS backed up by an in-depth set of cloud security tools with additional services and features. In addition, AWS supports security standards and compliance certifications, and all AWS services that store customer data offer the capability to encrypt that data.

It allows users to deploy their applications globally with a few clicks. It is a valuable service as you have to pay for the service you are using without any long-term commitments. Easy to organize services as you don't need to spend money on maintaining data centers. It allows companies and startups to use the already known operating systems, programming models, and databases and offers hybrid capabilities. It provides the facility to add or remove capacity easily. It will cost way more affordable than other private/dedicated servers.

AWS Certifiation Course

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Learn AWS training course along with live projects with 100% career guidance. We designed our course to help you become a AWS expert.

13 July 2024



AWS Training Features

The adaptability of AWS entitles us to decide which programming models, languages, and operating systems skillfully fit their project, so we can learn new skills to adopt new technologies.

AWS is excellent support for various organizations to deliver the product with updated technology in time and enhance productivity.

The cloud provides on-demand IT infrastructure that lets you consume your needed resources. In AWS, it is not limited to a set amount of resources such as storage, bandwidth, or computing resources, as it is complicated to predict the requirements of every resource. Therefore, the cloud provides flexibility by maintaining the right balance of resources.

AWS Training provides no upfront investment, long-term commitment, or minimum spend.

AWS combines security into its services and documents to describe how to use the security features.

Also, it maintains confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data which is of the utmost importance.

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AWS Certifiation Course

How important is AWS Training?

Whether you're just looking to expand your knowledge with an industry-recognized credential or you're hoping to land an AWS job, getting certified is a must. Several types of AWS training & certifications are available depending on your needs and goals. Before taking an AWS exam for your certification, it is vital to receive the best training possible to ace your exam the first time. In addition, 82% of hiring managers say cloud certifications make a candidate more attractive—87% of hiring managers value hands-on experience and credentials over a university degree when evaluating candidates.

The flexibility and authority of AWS enable technology-based firms to enter new markets with a bit of initial expenditure. It also allows companies to grow their IT infrastructure via a subscription approach. However, the Software's benefits apply to small, medium, and big businesses.

In contrast to traditional data centers, AWS provides limitless flexibility and scalability. Cloud automation from AWS is one such product that allows for on-demand scalability. In addition, organizations have been protected from developing their infrastructure roadmap and risk failure due to this advantage.

AWS allows businesses to rise and extend with database storage, content delivery, compute power, and other tools. It also offers Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, and Software as service solutions backed by its global cloud infrastructure.
It stands out because it supports emerging technologies like machine learning, augmented reality, and the Internet of Things.

Short Bio about AWS Trainers:

Babu Manickam

Selenium Early Adopter

He is an expert Selenium Webdriver. He is a web driver enthusiast actively researching and developing high-end application automation.

  • Selenium Expert/ Trainer
  • 22 Years of Experience

Mohan Radhakrishnan

AWS Expert

He has substantial expertise in AWS and Azure. Also, he has been coaching AWS for developers, QA, DBA, & freshers for quite a long now.

  • Cloud Technologies Expert
  • 10+ Years of Experience

Best way to learn AWS

AWS Certification Training includes Study Materials, Software, Course completion Certificate with ISO Logo, Exams and Evaluations, Project guidance & Assistance, Placement training, and unlimited interviews till you settle for a job. AWS also provides resources worldwide, so you can deploy your solutions where your customers are. In addition, the AWS Cloud makes a broad set of services, partners, and support options readily available to help ensure that you can focus on what will make your solution successful.

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What our learners say about us

Weekly Training Programs:

  • Cloud Computing Introduction
  • Cloud Service & Deployment Models
  • Various cloud computing products offered by AWS
  • IAM, why access management
  • IAM Users
  • IAM policies, IAM permissions, IAM roles
  • Amazon Resource Name (ARN)
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • EC2
  • Regions & Availability Zones(AZs)
  • EC2 instance types
  • Elastic IP, UserData
  • Introduction to AMIs, Creating and Copying an AMI
  • Introduction to EBS
  • EBS volume types
  • EBS Snapshots
  • Introduction to Elastic Load Balancer
  • Types of ELB – Classic, Network and Application
  • Auto Scaling, vertical and horizontal scaling
  • Scaling options and policy, instance termination
  • Load balancer with Auto Scaling
  • Introduction to VPC
  • IP address and CIDR
  • Subnets Routing tables, Internet Gateway, NAT
  • Introduction to AWS storage
  • S3 - online cloud storage
  • API, S3 consistency models
  • Storage hierarchy, buckets in S3
  • What is a database, types of databases, databases on AWS
  • Introduction to Amazon RDS
  • Multi-AZ deployments, features of RDS
  • Read replicas in RDS, reserved DB instances
  • Introduction to CloudWatch, Metrics, Logs Events, Alarms
  • Introduction to CloudTrail, tracking API usage
  • AWS X-Ray
  • CloudFormation - Infrastructure-as-a-code
  • Simple Notification Service(SNS)
  • AWS Lambda
  • API Gateway

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You can first learn the basics of cloud computing to start your AWS career. Then, begin exploring the services offered by AWS and learn how to use them. Then based on the job role you are interested in, pick an AWS certification and validate your cloud skills.
Training will recommend as part of your certification preparation, but it is optional to complete it.
While validating your technical skills, AWS Certification gives you definite benefits to help by showcasing your achievement and further advancing your AWS expertise.
However, it is optional; it is better to have basic programming skills if you want to start an AWS certification training course.
Skyrocket your career growth by Upgrading Your Skills